Completely personalized to you.
Unlike other fitness apps, we don't use generalized algorithms. Instead, FitLegit adapts it's recommendations to your progress every day so that your diet is totally unique to you.
1,250% more accurate than FitBit.
When you log your weight and calories each day, FitLegit can predict your weight tomorrow with extremely high accuracy (within 0.01 pound on average).

See for yourself by logging your fitness tracker data in FitLegit.
Level 1
Log only weight.
Log only your weight each morning to see if your diet is working.
Level 2
Log only calories.
Log only your food and calories to learn proper portion control.
Level 3
Log weight and calories.
Log weight and calories to get a personalized calorie target set by the app.
Get amazing results at any level of commitment.
Fitlegit makes it easy to reach your goals. You can choose to log only your weight or calories and still expect great results.
Fitlegit is completely free.
Being healthy and fit shouldn't come at a price. That's why you're free to enjoy all the benefits and features of FitLegit without adding it to your monthly budget.
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